Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming

It is widely recognised that current farming practices cannot deliver the necessary increases in yield to sustainably feed the worlds’ growing population and desire for more plant-based produce.

Decreasing farm land, emphasis on achieving year-round production and minimising water usage are all critical reasons why vertical farming is rapidly becoming an essential part of our agricultural future.

Boosting seed health and productivity

At Zayndu, we understand the vital role vertical farming plays in the future of mass food production.

Consequently we have created a seed treatment system that not only delivers significantly improved germination and growth rate, but also improves crop success by removing harmful pathogens without the use of harsh chemicals.

Aurora Activated Air™ Treatment

Aurora systems use the power of nature to boost seed health – simultaneously killing pathogens and improving germination. 

Using the same principle as lightning, electricity is used to create Activated Air™ – a high energy form of air which fuses incredibly strong disinfection and nitrogen-fixing capabilities.

Aurora systems are drum-based treatments – similar to priming and treatment drums found in every seed processing plant. Seeds are loaded in the drum, and in an entirely dry process, are exposed to Activated Air™ which rips apart pathogens, while boosting the overall seed health.

For vertical farming we have developed smaller Aurora systems which can treat seeds on-site as required – processing small batches just as they are required, ensuring that no pathogen can enter the controlled environment.


The only things that go into the drum are seeds, air, some electricity… and a lot of technology. This is a physical process compatible with organic farming. And with no residues, it is ideal for fast-growing crops and salads.


Every biologist knows that you really shouldn’t get seeds wet – or hot. Unlike chemical processes or hot water dipping, we use a completely dry process – and the seeds remain at room temperature, resulting in better seed vigour.


Some customers love the green credentials; but the finance department will love the energy cost, which is an order of magnitude less than other non-chemical alternatives like hot water dipping.


Aurora systems use predefined treatment protocols that are recorded to the cloud providing the farm operator full transparency and tracability from seed supplier to salad.

Aurora Seed Treatment Systems