About Zayndu

Zayndu has created the world’s first ‘activated air’ seed processing system that delivers improved seed health and increases productivity yields by up to 25%. 
The idea for Zayndu came from research by Dr Felipe Iza, of the Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering at Loughborough University. 

The potential of the technology for seed treatment came out of the University’s participation in the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB) programme, which supports university-business collaboration and looks at applications for technology in different industry sectors. It discovered a growing unmet need for sustainable seed treatments that delivered increased productivity and plant health.

To exploit this opportunity, Zayndu was formed in 2019, and Ralph Weir was brought in to head up the company as CEO and manage a bid to Innovate UK to develop a proof-of-concept.

The prototype proved successful and the company gained further funding of £1.1m in March 2021. It has secured the support of major seed companies in the industry and developed its first product, the Z10. It is now focussed on optimising the technology and the process, and on scaling up the machine to increase capacity.

The Team

Ralph Weir

Chief Executive

Ralph is a successful growth and early-stage serial entrepreneur, with experience in creating compelling strategies and vision, tracking, evaluating and adapting to shifting markets, building, managing and motivating high performance teams, and leading sales growth domestically and on the global stage. His focus is on building relationships with potential users and future investors.

Felipe Iza

Technical Director

Felipe is a founder of the business and an internationally-recognised specialist in cold plasma technology. His expertise in high-voltage and high-frequency electronics design spawned the unique plasma systems at the core of the Zayndu products, and will be critical in addressing the static electricity issues. His role will be to guide the overall program at Zayndu, providing input to both the electromechanical and biological development programs.

Alberto Campanaro

Head of Plant Science

Alberto is an experienced plant scientist. His Ph.D. (Durham University) investigated molecular responses underpinning plant immune responses. Prior to Zayndu, he held post-doctoral research roles at Durham, investigating the molecular interactions regulating the growth-immunity balance in plants in collaboration with Agritech leaders such as KWS, ADAS, BASF; his role is to co-ordinate the plant science team and lead the development of the seed treatment protocols.

Applications for the Zayndu Seed Health Treatment System

Imagine a process which boosts germination - not just accelerating it, but driving germination rates skywards.  Imagine if that process improved the synchronisation of germination, so all your seeds germinated with a nice tight window - resulting in harvesting plants which are consistent in size and maturity.  Now imagine if that system delivered healthier seeds, giving the power to resist pathogen attacks.

That is what the Zayndu system delivers.  Seeds are "vitalized" with cold plasma.  It improves their health, which ultimately yields to enhanced crop yield.  Cold plasma is described as "the power of lightning" - it is in fact an incredibly low-power process which emulates the effect lightning has on air, creating conditions that are highly beneficial to seeds.

The use of cold plasma is gaining interest as a low energy, low carbon technology to replace the use of fossil fuels and chemicals in many areas of agriculture. Zayndu’s systems are at the forefront of the ‘Plasma Agriculture’ revolution.

Join the team

Zayndu is a fast-growing, dynamic team, developing exciting technologies. We foster a can-do attitude, and, as a small company growing fast, we offer opportunities – whether that be personal growth, the chance to work in unusual environments – or just the challenge of doing something that’s never been done before, of pushing boundaries, and of course – eliminating toxic chemicals.
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Latest Awards

New Plasma Seed Health Treatment Garners 2023 Award for Manufacturing Innovation

We were thrilled that our cold plasma seed health treatment technology was awarded the “Manufacturing Innovation Award” at Made in the Midlands! We were up against some amazing companies with incredible technologies, but in the end, we triumphed. The judges said “Using only electricity and air Zayndu’s innovations have boosted yields among its indoor farming […]
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Regional recognition for global impact. Zayndu shortlisted second year in a row for innovation award. 

Bigger, faster growing crops, better flavour and up to 7x more yield with zero agrichemicals is just a few of the reasons why Zayndu’s unique cold plasma technology has been shortlisted for the Food and Drink section of the upcoming LeicestershireLive Innovation Awards.
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Zayndu’s potential recognised by ICURe awards

Zayndu has won an award for its presentation at the ICURe Investor Pitch and Showcase Event, where it competed against 11 other early-stage companies. 
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