Eliminating Toxic Chemicals in Agriculture

Chemicals: Short-Term Gains In Agricultural Productivity

While the idea of an organic food chain is highly appealing, modern chemical pesticides can offer significant benefits in yield. Starting from germination, right through to crop yield per hectare, pesticides have been used to increase productivity of the soil.

Why Replace Chemicals?

Chemicals have a downside; many have an adverse effect on the environment, long after their beneficial effects have faded. Somehow farming has to reduce dependence on these chemicals without losing the benefits. Environmental concerns abound – bees and insects are highly effective pollinators and are sensitive to these chemicals. The short-term gain from chemicals may result in devastating long-term consequences.

We Start At The Beginning

The very first time a chemical is used is when the seed is sterilised – cleaning it of pests, fungi, bacteria etc. We replace those chemicals with clean technology – using only air and electricity.

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Which Chemicals Are Being Banned?

The European Chemicals Agency, the US Department of Agriculture (and the UK’s DEFRA) have all instigated programs to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals, such as neonicotinoids, in agriculture. Currently there is regional variation – for example, glyphosate, where the EU has wavered, but France aims to ban within 3 years. Switzerland is preparing a referendum banning all synthetic pesticides in 2021, while Bavaria’s biggest-ever referendum result leaves Germany planning insect protection laws. Public opinion driven by growing environmental and health concerns is guiding policymakers, depriving the industry of an essential tool to provide healthy crops. As a result, industry is turning to alternative approaches and what is needed, is a new approach, a new tool in the weaponry which does not rely on chemicals.

We Offer Non-Chemical Seed Sterilisation

Our technology uses only electricity and fresh air to sterilise seeds. No chemicals are used, so a plant’s first steps can be truly organic, free from toxic chemicals. There are no residues that can be left on the seed, the only thing left at the end is fresh air. And healthy, sterilised seeds. Read the link below for what we do, and how we do it.

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