Zayndu seed cleaning accelerates salad leaf growing cycle

December 1, 2021
We’ve seen some amazing results, treated seeds have resulted in significant reductions in infections, improved germination rates, higher yield and reduced losses,” says Dr Katie Wilkins, Vertical Future
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Zayndu brings chemical free seed treatment to Global Vertical Farming Expo

November 25, 2021
Keeping the controlled growing environment free of pests is critical to a successful vertical farming and a major source of potential contamination is seeds. Zayndu has developed the world’s first ‘activated air’ technology to offer seed disinfectant without the use of chemicals or water. It is a silver sponsor of the Global Vertical Farming Expo […]
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Aurora Z10 Launched

January 15, 2021
We launched the world's first commercially-available plasma seed disinfection system today, at Agri-TechE! We're very excited, with the Aurora-Z10 consistently delivering great results in decontaminating seeds. The full press release follows, but contact us for more information!
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Meet Us At Agri-TechE

January 5, 2021
Our CEO Ralph Weir, will be presenting at "Keeping It Clean", an event run by Agri-TechE on the 19th January. We'll hear from speakers from Ozo Innovations, who use technology to disinfect "Food To Go"; from NRI, who will talk about the use of ozone to extend the lfie of fresh fruit; and of course […]
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Expanding the Field of Plasma Seed Disinfection

December 7, 2020
We are proud to supply systems to PlasSeed, a research programme led by Loughborough University and Royal Holloway University of London that brings together experts in plasma technology, seed biology, and commercial seed processors. In order to keep pace with the world's expanding population, global crop yields are required to double by 2050 and this […]
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Cleaning Seeds for CEA

October 19, 2020
We're very proud to have been awarded a significant UK grant with our partners, Vertical Futures and NIAB (the UK's National Institute for Agricultural Botany)! It's an exciting project - the goal is to eliminate all pathogens going into a vertical farm. Today, the biggest source are the seeds themselves - everything else can be […]
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We're Growing Again...

July 15, 2020
With a significant expansion in the bio-lab, we realised we didn't have enough space for all the equipment; and that being upstairs in a building where the elevators are smaller than a bio-safety cabinet wasn't sensible. We'd carried enough incubators up the stairs, and so it was time to move on! The new office is […]
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See Us At London AgriTech

October 15, 2019
We will be giving a sneak preview of the Aurora-Z10 at the London AgriTech conference tomorrow, October 15th. The team have been busy setting up the system - this is the first time it has been allowed out of the development lab, so we are excited to see what the AgriTech community thinks of it. […]
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