Seed Treatment Protocols

The critical ingredient in the success of our technology is the optimised protocols we supply with the machines.
Every seed type will respond differently from a physiological perspective and in the same context each customers growing conditions and requirements will also be unique to them.

Our plant science team work closely with our engineering and software team to continue to develop and optimise our standard range of protocols to maximise the effectiveness of the technology as well as developing new ones as new species/environments are introduced.

Below is a list of the current varieties that are available for treatment. However, if you are looking to treat something that isn’t featured, or you feel your growing environment requires some customisations, then please get in touch with our team who can discuss the potential to develop a unique protocol exclusively for you.




Bok Choy








Leaf Beets










Case study - vertical farming

Pea shoots are rich in antioxidants and flavour but notoriously difficult to grow in vertical farms due to poor seed health and low success rates.

Treating seeds with a Zayndu cold plasma seed health treatment system, with a seed treatment protocol optimised for peas, improved overall seed health and increased the germination rate by 20% at two days, resulting in faster growth and earlier harvest.

Please contact our team if you would like to read the full case study report and data.
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