The Aurora Product Range

Zayndu’s Aurora Seed Sterilisation System uses activated air created by a cold plasma to remove pathogens without the need for chemicals or water.
In addition to reducing the pathogen load the process also primes the seed, improving the consistency and rate of germination and the speed of growth of the seedlings – which in turn increases the yield and throughput for the grower.

The system is mobile, with a requirement for an external electricity source and internet connectivity. Aurora systems are cloud connected, which enables Zayndu’s remote machine monitoring service to detect issues before they become more serious problems.

Aurora Z10 10 Litre Drum

Aurora Z10

10 Litre Drum
The 10 litre drum processes up to two litres (1kg) of seeds per batch. It is ideal for specialist and high value crops, or for developing protocols for use on one of the larger machines.
Aurora Z10M 10 Litre Drum

Aurora Z10M

10 Litre Drum
The 10 litre cartridge drum system is capable of holding ten different varieties of seed. A tracking system is used to ensure seed is kept separate.
Aurora Z25 25 Litre Drum

Aurora Z25

25 Litre Drum
A 25-litre machine with a five-litre (2.5kg) capacity. It offers a dual plasma system to maximise resilience for heavy usage.


If you are interested in finding out how our Aurora, non-toxic, organic seed disinfection, systems can help improve your seed health and productivity, please get in touch with our team today.

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