Aurora Z10

Seed Disinfection using Activated Air

No chemicals. No water. No residues.
And the lowest Processing Costs in the industry.

Non-Chemical Small-Batch Seed Disinfection

Aurora-Z10 is our first production machine; it delivers seed disinfection using only Activated Air.  It processes up to 2 litres of seeds per batch, and is ideal for specialist and high value crops – or for developing protocols for use on one of our larger machines.

No Chemicals

The only things that go into the drum are seeds, air, some electricity… and a lot of technology.  This is a physical process compatible with organic farming.  And with no residues, it is ideal for fast-growing crops and salads.  

No Water

Every biologist knows that you really shouldn’t get seeds wet – or hot.  Unlike chemical processes or hot water dipping, we use a completely dry process – and the seeds remain at room temperature, resulting in better seed vigour.

Low Energy

Some customers love the green credentials; but the finance department will love the energy cost, which is an order of magnitude less than other non-chemical alternatives like hot water dipping.

Looking After Seed Health

We don’t just kill pathogens on seeds.  Activated Air cleans the seeds of pathogens and typically results in a boost in germination rates.  The effect on early germination can be spectacular…


Ready For Work

Mechanically the Aurora-Z10 is designed for years of service.  Its easy-to-use control system makes plasma seed processing  available to the high-value seeds market; and the treatment it offers is identical to its larger siblings, allowing lab-scale development of processes and treatments protocols for open field crops and beyond.

Part of a Family

Aurora Z10 is the first system to use plasma seed sterilisation to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals in agriculture. The Zayndu range is the result of many years of R&D; Aurora opens up development of treatment regimes to users, offering a path to deploying plasma seed sterilisation in high volumes. It offers:


Laboratory Scale Capacity

Aurora Z10 enables effective processing of small volumes of seeds – up to two litres/batch, enabling efficient development of treatment protocols using plasma or Activated Air.


Small Scale Production

While Aurora’s primary focus is on development of treatment regimes, it is an efficient processor for small-batch, high-value seeds. With production-standard control/logging it integrates seamlessly into factory environments



Aurora’s control systems are identical to our larger systems, offering exactly the same faciilities – making it easy to port a development treatment regime from the laboratory to the factory.

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