We sterilise seeds. Without chemicals.

Designed to work in modern seed processing plants, Zayndu systems sterilise seeds without using chemicals; with machines designed in a rugged, factory-ready format.

Non-Chemical Seed Sterilisation

We sterilise seeds using fresh air, a little electricity, and a lot of science. Our systems are designed with the seed factory in mind:

Drum-Based Processing

Seeds are loaded in a rotating drum, which ensures uniform treatment of batches of seeds. The format is a standard in many industries – eg drum priming, drum coaters, etc…

Activated Air

With the drum closed, we ramp up the energy in the system to create Activated Air – and carefully modulate it to kill pathogens without impacting the seeds.

No Toxins, No Residues

When the process completes, we “de-activate” the air by reducing the input energy levels – before the drum is opened and the sterilised seeds removed.

Introducing Activated Air

We refer to the air inside the treatment drum as “Activated Air”. The science is complex, but our goal is simple – we put seeds and fresh air in the drum; when we unload it, all that comes out is clean seeds and fresh air. Here’s what happens in a little more detail:

Creating Activated Air

Activated Air is created by energising the gas electrically in the drum. In exactly the same way as lightning ionises the air, we create “Activated Air” with high electrical voltages at high frequencies. This increases the air’s reactivity,  creating a powerful sterilising environment – but also necessitates precise controls to prevent damage to the seeds and demands high-grade materials in the machine.

Ingredients Of Activated Air

“Activated Air” is a low-temperature, non-vacuum plasma, which contains exotic gas ions and molecules generated from fresh air. It also creates UV light, all of which combine to create a powerful sterilising action.

Residues & Chemicals

No chemicals are used – all the ingredients of “Activated Air” are generated from normal, fresh air, and when power is removed, they revert to their original form. Some components disappear in fractions of a second – others, like ozone, revert back to oxygen more slowly and are actively quenched before the drum is opened.

Our Output: Clean Seeds & Fresh Air

At the end of a treatment cycle, Zayndu machines run a managed de-activation cycle, allowing the Activated Air to convert back to normal atmosphere. When the drum is opened, only fresh air remains.

Leadership Through Technology

It takes a lot of technology, partnerships and relationships to deliver the next generation of seed sterilisation equipment. Here’s some important components:


Zayndu systems integrate many technologies to generate the plasma, manage the levels of activated air, and give a simple-to-use tool to the seed processing plant. We work closely with research partners and universities, and continue to push the boundaries as to what can be achieved with plasma sterilisation.

Industry Partners

We’re engaging with the industry, both users and equipment manufacturers – to make sure that our systems are compatible with current best practice in the seed processing sector.


Zayndu owns several patents in the field of plasma sterilisation, not just on seeds, but also addressing both industrial and consumer products. At our heart, we understand the complexity of plasma processing, and continue to bring their benefit to our customers and partners.

Plasma Specialist? Want to Know More?

This description of the plasma is very high level – there is a lot of science involved in creating a non-vacuum, room temperature plasma that can kill pathogens on seeds without affecting germination rates. Some of the science is wrapped up in trade secrets; some science we’re delighted to boast about! If you’re interested in the details, why not get in touch, and learn more?

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