Crops & Pathogens

So many crops,
so many pathogens…
where do you start?

The greatest thing about nature is diversity.  When we’re talking about crops and pathogens, that’s a problem; because for many treatments, each combination of seed and pathogen require a different treatment.
With Activated Air, we’re lucky; a single treatment kills or deactivates every pathogen it’s been tried on.  We still have to refine a protocol for each crop variety, but at the heart – we know we have a treatment that works.
Our first products have focused on the fruits and vegetables markets; some of the crops and pathogens we have treated are listed below. 
If your specific probem isn’t listed, please contact us – it is likely we will be able to help.
This one is Pseudomonas… and the fungus below is Fusarium two of the most common seed pathogens.

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Plasma Protocols for Crop Treatments

These are a few of the treatment protocols we’ve developed.  Some are optimised, some prove capability.  Why not get in touch and see if we can help with your pathogen challenges?

Some Pathogens We Treat

Unfortunately seed pathogens are everywhere. We treat a wide variety of mainly fungal and bacterial pathogens – but we’re also developing treatment protocols for some of the key viruses. Contact us for anything specific.