The need for chemical-free seed disinfection

Seed cleaning reduces the pathogen load on the seed and protects the soil, or controlled growing environment, from contamination by seedborne fungal infection. However, many of the chemicals widely used for disinfection are being withdrawn from use so alternatives are urgently needed.

Zayndu's Aurora ZlO is the world's first 'activated air' seed sterilisation system. It provides an alternative to chemical treatment or washing and has been shown to boost the consistency and rate of germination.

The seeds are placed in a sealed rotating drum. An electric current is introduced, which splits oxygen and nitrogen molecules into individual atoms, creating a plasma. This 'activated air' - technically a blend of RONS (Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species) - is a powerful disinfectant.

The RONS tear apart bacteria, fungi or viruses without affecting the seeds, which are protected by their thick walls.

The result is disinfected seeds and fresh air - no chemicals, no residues, no water.

Applications for the Aurora disinfection system

The Aurora system is mobile and can be used at the point of need.


With increasing running cost, the challenge of creating a profitable farm has never been harder. The two options are to cut cost or increase productivity.

Our Aurora seed disinfection treatment delivers increased yield through improved health and increased germination.
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Effective pathogen removal is vital for controlled environment farming to prevent mass crop damage and cross contamination.

Our Aurora systems uses our novel Activated Air formula to disinfect seeds, reducing the risk and increasing productivity.
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Poly Tunnel

Humid conditions often associated with covered agriculture can become a breeding ground for fungal disesases.

Improved seed health and germination rates can dramatically reduce the risk of crop losses.
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Micro herbs and bagged salad leaves production

In Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) the outer shell of the seed is the main source of disease. The Aurora system can be used to clean large volumes of seeds, multiple times a week. The process increases the rate and consistency of germination, boosting productivity and removing the need for chemicals.
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High value seed

Some seeds, such as tomato and basil, cannot be cleaned with water as they are 'mucilaginous' and germinate on contact with water. The Aurora system enables small batches of high value seeds to be sanitised for the first time without water or chemical residues.
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Organic Seed Producers

With the move to regenerative farming, the demand is set to increase for chemical-free treatments that reduce the pest and disease problems incurred with organic seed.
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Seeds with high pathogen load

Some crops such as legumes, which includes peas and lupins, are particularly vulnerable to disease. Zayndu's technology has been shown to successfully treat peas grown for pea shoots and is in field trials for lupin seed.
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If you are interested in finding out how our Aurora, non-toxic, organic seed disinfection, systems can help improve your seed health and productivity, please get in touch with our team today.

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