Boosting seed health and increasing productivity in controlled environment agriculture

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Better Seed Health
Improved Germination
Enhanced Yields

Proven Results

"We've seen some amazing results, particularly for crops such as Amaranth, where treated seeds have resulted in significantly improved germination rates, higher yield and reduced losses," says the Senior Plant Scientist at Vertical Future about Zayndu's 'activated air' seed treatment technology.

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

In controlled environments crop success is vital to ensuring operating profitability. Zayndu's 'Activated Air' technology treats seeds without water or added harsh chemicals, increasing the rate and consistency of germination and boosting productivity.

Baby Leaves

Increase quality assurance of bagged salad leaves
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High Value Seeds

Clean tomato and basil seeds for the first time
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Natural Production

Meet growing demand for more naturally produced food
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The world's first 'activated air' seed treatment system

Simply place the seed in the sealed drum and apply current to create a cold plasma of activated air. This process trigger multiple mechanisms that increase plant health and vigour.

Low energy, no water, no residues.
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Try before you buy

Our evaluation service provides valuable variant specific feedback on the impact our activated air treatment can have on germination and growth rates and how to optimise the plasma treatment protocols for specific varieties to deliver the best results.

Case study - vertical farming

Pea shoots are rich in antioxidants and flavour but notoriously difficult to grow in vertical farms due to poor seed health and low success rates.

Treating seeds with a Zayndu cold plasma seed health treatment system, with a seed treatment protocol optimised for peas, improved overall seed health and increased the germination rate by 20% at two days, resulting in faster growth and earlier harvest.

Please contact our team if you would like to read the full case study report and data.
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Latest news

GreenTech 2024: Discover the Advantages of ActivatedAir Seed Priming

The Zayndu stand at GreenTech was kept busy hosting discussions with growers about how ActivatedAir can reduce growing costs and environmental impact, thereby increasing profitability. Representatives of Zayndu’s sales, engineering and plant science teams were available on the stand, demonstrating a Z10 ActivatedAir seed primer for visitors. Seeds treated with ActivatedAir are free of pathogens […]
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Anne Williams of Bayer joins Zayndu board, bringing extensive industry experience

Anne Williams, head of protected crops at Bayer Vegetable Seeds, has joined the Zayndu board as a non-executive director. The announcement follows recent senior appointments to Zayndu’s sales and engineering teams, as the firm is making significant strides in expanding sales of its ActivatedAir cold-plasma seed treatment and priming system. Anne Williams brings a wealth […]
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Revolutionising Controlled Environment Agriculture: The Power of ActivatedAir Seed Priming

ActivatedAir seed priming is a game-changer. Increased uniform germination and rapid plant development offer a route to bigger yields, more crop cycles, and increased profits. ActivatedAir involves treating seeds with plasma-generated reactive species, which stimulate plant growth, enhance nutrient uptake, and protect crops from diseases and pests. This groundbreaking approach not only increases crop yields […]
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