June 14, 2022

GreenTech Amsterdam, productivity gains discussed

Zayndu will be on stand 05171VF at GreenTech Amsterdam June 14-16th to discuss benefits of priming and disinfecting seed with Zayndu cold plasma treatment systems

“If the priming creates greater growth uniformity then this is a huge plus in a controlled environment. On a ten-week crop, gaining a week will enable almost one extra harvest a year; immediately that’s a 10% increase in productivity,” comments Diego Durantini, of business networking organisation Agri-TechE and a former plant breeder, he believes that plant breeding specifically for Vertical Farming will become increasingly important.

Zayndu are at GreenTech Amsterdam to discuss the results achieved from disinfecting seeds with their Z10 cold plasma seed treatment, that uses plasma agriculture to clean and prime the seed without the need for chemicals or water. The process accelerates germination and increases yields.

Seed pathologist Dr Alberto Campanaro leads the R&D facility at Zayndu. He says that the company has so far treated over 60 varieties across 23 different species of plant and is developing priming recipes to enable customers to optimise growth.

“With seed treated by Z10 our customers are seeing faster and more uniform germination. Within four days there are significantly more plants at the same life stage, and this translates into great volume at harvest.”

See us at GreenTech Amsterdam

Zayndu will be on stand 05171VF at GreenTech Amsterdam 14-16th June 2022.

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