July 25, 2022

Seed Meets Technology 2022 chance to see Cold Plasma Seed Treatments in action

We are taking the Z10 cold plasma system to the Seed Meets Technology 2022 event in Seed Valley; the centre of the Netherlands' plant breeding and seed technology activities

Seed Meets Technology is a practical event, so we are looking forward to demonstrating how the Zayndu Z10 cold plasma system can prime and disinfect seeds without chemicals or water, using ‘activated air’ created by its cold plasma technology. At the event there is an opportunity to see new products and technologies for seed improvement being demonstrated in the exhibition hall and in the demonstration field alongside the venue.

Cold plasma improves seed quality

Preparation of seeds is time-consuming, with Zayndu’s cold plasma batches of seed can easily be cleaned and primed inhouse prior to despatch or use.

The seeds are placed in a sealed rotating drum. An electric current is introduced, which splits oxygen and nitrogen molecules into individual atoms, creating a plasma. This ‘activated air’ – technically a blend of RONS (Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species) – is a powerful disinfectant.

The RONS tear apart bacteria, fungi or viruses without affecting the seeds, which are protected by their thick walls. It also provides detailing, removing the tail or parts of flowers, reducing this manual work.

Varied programme at Seeds Meets Technology

Seed disinfectant and priming will fit well into the varied programme at Seed Meets Technology which includes talks about: technologies for pollen analysis; growth chambers to improve the control over environmental conditions; automated phenotyping to improve seed quality; forecasting seed germination and growth; visualisation using autonomous drones and the use of microbials to enhance seed performance.

A highlight of the event will be the ‘Variety Tour’, an opportunity to see vegetable trial plots of world leading breeders of vegetable seeds – Takii Europe, Wing Seed, Gautier Semences and Sakata.

Combine a visit with open field trials

Seed Meets Technology aims to provide a meeting point in the Seed Valley area of Noord-Holland and is timed to coincide with other trials sites are also in week 39. So there is an opportunity to combine a visit to the event with open field days at Bejo, Hazera & HM Clause, EconSeeds, Syngenta, POP Vrend Seeds, Seminis and Sakata.

The Seed Valley is the centre for Netherlands’ plant breeding and seed technology, with many companies involved in world leading development of new vegetable and flower varieties.

See us at Seed Meets Technology 2022

See Zayndu on Stand 32, Seed Meets Technology 2022, 27-29 September Seed Valley area, Noord-Holland, Vertify, Tolweg 13, Zwaagdijk-Oost.

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