April 22, 2022

Seed technology at CEA 4.0 2022

Seed tech focus at CEA 4.0 2022

Creating healthy growing environments without the use of chemicals will be one of the hot topics at the event Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) 4.0 2022, one of the largest events in the calendar for vertical farming and indoor farming. A particular focus of the first day will be seeds and their development and will feature the latest results from Zayndu’s commercial trials of its Aurora system.

Zayndu is delighted to be a presenter at CEA 4.0 and will discuss how its Aurora seed hygiene system uses energy efficient cold plasma to remove all fungi and bacteria from seed coatings, boosting yield and productivity of indoor farming.

CEA 4.0 has over 200 companies registered to attend and over 400 attendees, showing the strength of interest in this high growth sector. The programme runs over two days, 6th May and 20th May, and will look at industry trends, integration into conventional food systems and the latest technologies and innovations, in particular the latest developments in seed technologies.

Zayndu to launch new Aurora at CEA 4.0

Following the launch of Zayndu's first seed disinfectant system, the Aurora Z10, the company has been running customer trials to show the impact of the advanced cleaning system on crop performance.

The impressive results have accelerated development of a larger system with greater capacity which will be launched at CEA 4.0. Zayndu will be discussing both the science behind Aurora and the business case for bespoke seed disinfectant.

Zayndu has two presentations - one evidence-based, one business-orientated - to discuss the journey so far:

  • Friday 6th May 2022, 13:30: How cold plasma seed disinfection impacts germination and yield of different crops and cultivars
  • Friday 20th May 2022, 11.25: Integrating cold plasma into the CEA environment to improve productivity

Exciting presentations at CEA 4.0

Zayndu are lead presentation partners at the event, which will feature some of the world’s most successful vertical farming companies including:

  • InFarm, Europe’s highest valued vertical farming start-up – which has just expanded in Denmark and the US
  • Aerofarms, creators of the world’s largest and most technologically advanced aeroponic indoor vertical farm
  • LettUs Grow, providers of ‘drop and grow’ container farms in the UK

Presenters include:

  • Agxio
  • AppHarvest
  • Avisomo
  • Babylon Micro-Farms
  • CarbonBook
  • CO2 GRO
  • Concert Bio
  • Controlled Environment Agriculture Centre (University of Arizona)
  • Cultinova
  • Cultivatd
  • Delphy
  • Delphy Improvement Centre
  • Eden Towers
  • Elevate Farms
  • Ferme d'hiver/Winter Farm
  • FlexFarming
  • Graines Voltz
  • Greenhub
  • Harvest London
  • Harvest Today
  • Heliospectra
  • IGS - Intelligent Growth Solutions
  • Interstellar Lab
  • Jungle
  • Kilimo IoT
  • Light Science Technologies
  • Little Leaf Farms
  • Ljusgårda
  • Nordetect
  • ONO Exponential Farming
  • Optima Planta
  • PhytoSYSTEMS - Liege University
  • Planted Detroit
  • Pollen Sense
  • Potager Farm
  • Red Sea Farms
  • Red Tractor
  • Resource Innovation Institute
  • Ridder
  • Robovision
  • Signify
  • Soli Organic
  • The James Hutton Institute
  • UK Urban AgriTech (UKUAT)
  • Wageningen University
  • Zayndu

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