October 21, 2022

Driving vertical farm productivity – Zayndu CEO to pitch at GAIA

Vertical farming is attracting record investment, according to a recent report, with technologies such as Aurora that are directed at producing more per unit of space and reducing the time to harvest – crucial to its success.

In his pitch to investors at the Global Agritech Investment Assembly (GAIA), Zayndu CEO Ralph Weir will describe how the company has developed a seed processing technology that improves overall plant health and contributes to higher yields and greater plant resilience.

Ralph explains: “Customer assessments of our Aurora cold plasma technology have shown many benefits to crop performance that regularly increase yield by 15-25%.

“That benefit goes straight to the grower’s bottom line, cutting energy and utility usage per kg of crop, which ultimately drives profit and resilience.”

Ralph will also be moderating the panel session ‘The Devil's in the Detail – Building high-precision controlled environments to produce the food of the future.’

The AgriFoodTech sector attracted record investment last year according to the recent report “2022 AgriFoodTech in the UK” (20th October 2022)*. Vertical Farming is one of the top domains, raising €236M from 2021-2022. A number of leaders from this sector are to join Ralph in a panel discussion at GAIA.

Ralph says: “There has been considerable innovation in both precision agriculture and vertical farming, and I am delighted to be facilitating a panel session with leaders in both these sectors.”

The ‘Devil’s in the Detail’ panel will include:

  • James Lloyd-Jones, CEO and founder of vertical farm grower Jones Food Company
  • Thibaut Pradier, CEO of home-scale vertical farming specialist La Grangette
  • Ben Scott-Robinson, co-founder and CEO of Small Robot Company, which offers personalised care for open field plants

About GAIA

The Global Agritech Investment Assembly is an annual gathering of industry leaders from the agricultural, technology, and innovation fields, as well as leading agribusiness companies, associations, governmental organisations, plus farmers, food producers and investors from across the world.

It is taking place at St Paul's, 200 Aldersgate St, London, EC1A 4HD on 25th October 2022.

Find out more about GAIA at gaiaevent.com.


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