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Originating from Loughborough University, research and development are a fundamental part of Zayndu's existence. Our dedicated team of plant scientists, engineers, physicists and software developers are continuing to discover new opportunities for our technology. 

This exclusive page is devoted to highlighting these areas of innovation.

Agrochemicals: Are They a Hoax?

October 18, 2023
What are Agrochemicals? Agrochemical pesticides are chemicals used to protect crops from any kind of biotic threat that could affect their harvestability. They are primarily used on farms and in controlled growing environments, such as vertical farms, greenhouses, and polytunnels. While the idea of an organic food chain is highly appealing, modern chemical pesticides can […]
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Vertical Farms & Greenhouses: How to Achieve Boosted Germination

September 18, 2023
If you could give your crops a head-start, all without sacrificing the health of them, would you? Our Cold Plasma treatments were specially designed to boost germination rates and crop yield, ensuring a faster growing plant. And not only that, but a more synchronized population, improving crop uniformity. Why are the Treated Seeds more synchronized […]
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Seed Cloud: Upgrading Our Machine Monitoring Capability

February 9, 2023
Seed Cloud, our online system for monitoring and maintaining seed treatment systems, is getting an upgrade – and to get the work done quicker, we’d like to support our in-house team with external developers who can take on a significant portion of the project. If you are interested in tendering for this work, please contact […]
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Increase Yield of Baby Leaves by up to 27% to Combat Energy Spike

December 19, 2022
Growers hit by energy increases could increase productivity with a novel seed treatment. Results from Zayndu show yield increases of 10 – 27% in yield of herb and salad crops and more rapid germination following treatment with its cold plasma systems.
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Clean seed and rapid germination – Zayndu launches new plasma system at CEA 4.0

May 20, 2022
Successful customer evaluations have brought forward the launch of Zayndu’s cold plasma systems, which uses activated air to disinfect seeds without water or chemicals.
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Cleaning is Vital for Heritage Seeds

March 4, 2022
Heritage seeds could be grown commercially in vertical farms if the final source of disease - the seed - can be cleaned effectively with Zayndu's plasma tech
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Zayndu Seed Cleaning Accelerates Salad Leaf Growing Cycle

December 1, 2021
We’ve seen some amazing results, treated seeds have resulted in significant reductions in infections, improved germination rates, higher yield and reduced losses,” says Dr Katie Wilkins, Vertical Future
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