Products & Philosophy

Zayndu’s goal is to eliminate chemicals from the seed sterilisation industry, using only air and electricity. Our machines need to be tough for the factory environment, and must be easy to use. More than that they need:


Health & Safety is a top priority for modern seed producers. Our systems are designed to meet high safety standards. Interlocks prevent access to live components during operation, and monitoring systems ensure only fresh air and seeds remain in the drum at the end of the process.


While Activated Air and controlling plasma generators is complex, using the system is easy. A simple touch-screen control system allows operators to call up pre-programmed treatment protocols; the operator’s selections are logged against batch numbers, ensuring ease of use and traceability.

Reliability and Life

Zayndu systems are designed for long life in factory environments. Consumable parts (e.g. air filters, plasma sources) are designed for easy replacement; the control system monitors life, enabling planned maintenance and mnimising downtime; while the high-grade materials used enable long life and extended warranties.


Production environments demand repeatable processes – regardless of environmental factors like temperature or humidity. Our systems utilise advanced sensors to inform the control system. Feedback loops then control the treatment environment, delivering the consistency required to deliver the same results, every time.

Product Status

After decades of research and development, the Aurora-Z10 was launched in January 2021.  It offered a unique capability – the ability to disinfect seeds dry, without chemicals – and without damaging their germination rates. 

Larger machines are in development.  The Z10 will shortly be followed by a machine offering an order of magnitude more capacity.  Larger machines still will follow, as we ramp the process from small batch / high-value seeds to the capacity required for large field crops.

Contact us for more information, to register interest, and to check delivery date of the batch capacity or throughput you require.

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