Plasma Applications

Our Plasma Applications

We’ve developed technology to create plasma for real-world industrial and domestic applications. Our technology creates plasma at room temperature and atmospheric pressure – not only making it ideal for processing temperature sensitive materials, but also practical for us in factories or in the home.

There are a wide range of aplications for these plasmas; our initial products focus on sterilising seeds at room temperature, without vacuum, without chemicals, and without damaging the seeds. Other applications can include materials processing, semiconductor manufacturing and metal cutting – here are a few:

Seed Sterilisation

An important part of agricultural seed processing is sterilisation – removing seed borne pathogens from the surface and from within the seed. Our innovative technology is leading the way in eliminating chemicals from this process.

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Contact Lens Sterilisation

Effective sterilisation of contact lenses is at the heart of eye health for contact lens users. Our innovative technology sterilises contact lenses, in the user’s home – eliminating harmful bacteria and pathogens that no domestic solutions can address.

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Surface Preparation

We carefully control plasmas to provide a micro-etch capability – altering and fine-tuning a material’s surface, perhaps prior to the application of thin-film coatings. This can revolutionise coating applications, changing the way we think about large-scale production.

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