October 15, 2019

See Us At London AgriTech

We will be giving a sneak preview of the Z10 cold plasma system at the London AgriTech conference on October 15th.

The team have been busy setting up the system – this is the first time it has been allowed out of the development lab, so we are excited to see what the AgriTech community thinks of it.

As for the picture – that’s our CEO, not feeling at all self-conscious in front of a demo system. Everything is set up, we’re all organised for the conference opening tomorrow!


The show was a great success; plasma seed disinfection is clearly something the seeds industry needs. We built a lot of great new relationships, and heard many tales of frustration with the banning of Thiram and neonicotinoids; we feel your pain, and of course we are developing the solution with plasma seed disinfection!

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